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With access to high-level movers and shakers in politics and government, and deep experience covering the real worlds of war, crime and terrorism, Geraldo Rivera reports from countless locations around the nation and the world, a twice weekly, half hour program filled with drama, passion and surprises. I will give you my unfiltered opinions on the latest breaking news, political commentary, interviews with news makers, celebrities, friends and foe. With shows originating from home base in New York City, I will entertain, inform, shock, outrage and occasionally scandalize.
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Apr 26, 2017

Layoff Ivanka Trump! Geraldo discusses the appalling treatment of the First Daughter of the United States during her appearance at the round table on the empowerment of women at the invitation of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Having spent time with Ivanka during the production of Celebrity Apprentice, Geraldo saw firsthand her poise and intelligence and she did not deserve to be booed by the audience. “If you have a problem with POTUS then take it up with him.”  Geraldo also talks about the lame protests over Sanctuary Cities. They are not a sanctuary for criminals to hide from the law and should not be characterized that way by critics. Geraldo also talks about what’s going on at the Fox News Channel.

Apr 14, 2017

Geraldo responds to Kendrick Lamar’s new album ‘DAMN’ where the popular rapper appears to be throwing shade on his third song “YAH.”  The second verse, Lamar names Fox News and Rivera directly: “Fox News wanna use my name for percentage/My latest news in my niece, she’s worth livin/See me on the TV and scream ‘That’s Uncle Kendrick!’/Yeah that’s the business/Somebody tell Geraldo this n*gga got some ambition.”  This is no doubt a response to Geraldo’s critique of Lamar’s 2015 BET Awards performance with cop killer lyrics “We hate po-po/Wanna kill us dead in the street fo sho”  standing atop a vandalized police car with the American in the background.    At the time Geraldo said on ‘The Five’: “this is why I say that hip-hop has done more damage to young African Americans that racism in recent years…. It is so wrong, it is so counterproductive, it gives exactly the wrong message.”  Lamar plays the clip on his second song DNA.  Geraldo discusses his opinion of the song, the artist and where he stands today,.  Listen to the clips.

Apr 12, 2017

Geraldo discusses the disturbing incident of Dr. David Dow being dragged off the United airlines flight, the stressful atmosphere created in airports and the greed and stupidity of airlines in general and the lame apology by the company CEO. Geraldo also discusses the disturbing language used by Attorney General Jeff sessions regarding the immigration crack down, Trump's condemnation and military action resulting from Syria has attack on their own citizens and Tillerson's bold move in Russia and the latest on Russiagate.

Apr 5, 2017

Geraldo calls for a full investigation of the Syrian gas attack to determine if the Assad regime should be prosecuted for War Crimes. If Assad is responsible for this atrocity, he should be hunted down, tried for murder and hung if found guilty. Steve Bannon is out and none too soon, as he is likely to be the architect of Trump’s acerbic start as the 45th President. He is more professional and organized with Jared and Ivanka. And Geraldo responds to posted comments and questions.