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With access to high-level movers and shakers in politics and government, and deep experience covering the real worlds of war, crime and terrorism, Geraldo Rivera reports from countless locations around the nation and the world, a twice weekly, half hour program filled with drama, passion and surprises. I will give you my unfiltered opinions on the latest breaking news, political commentary, interviews with news makers, celebrities, friends and foe. With shows originating from home base in New York City, I will entertain, inform, shock, outrage and occasionally scandalize.
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May 30, 2017

On a blustery Memorial Day Geraldo comes across NYPD divers at the Liberty Park Marina where they were investigating a tragic parachuting accident on the Hudson River. Navy Seal Remington Peters fell to his death during a Memorial Day demonstration with his Leap Frog skydiving team. RIP Remington Peters and all Veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. What about the embarrassing DUI arrest of Golfing Legend Tiger Woods. No alcohol was detected but his car was heavily damaged and police say he was confused and unsteady during sobriety test. The Puerto Rican Day parade is mired in controversy over the selection of former FALN terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera. Upon serving 35 years for the fatal bombing of Frances Tavern, outgoing President Obama pardoned Rivera. Major donors dropped out of the parade when he was selected Grand Marshal by local politicians. Geraldo also talks Trump and Hannity.

May 16, 2017

President Trump has to stop with the self inflected wounds. In this podcast Geraldo talks about the President’s inability so far to stop providing a hostile media with ammo to attack him. The rookie mistakes are piling up for this administration largely due to an unedited, undisciplined dialog through tweets and comments contradicting his own staff on the biggest stories of the day. The latest Faux pa… sharing highly sensitive information about terrorist activities with Russian diplomats just days after getting lambasted for firing FBI director James Comey in light of the agency’s investigation into Russian ties to the Trump campaign. “I  don't think he is in over his head, he can handle the job, but he needs to go a couple days without a scandal. You can’t make it up as you go along.” In this episode we discuss calls for Impeachment, State Secrets, Sean Spicer, SNL and the relentless attacks on the President and his staff.

May 10, 2017

The brilliant Harvard Professor, author and Legal Legend Alan Dershowitz is my guest, along with other legal legends and great friends Gerald Shargel and Arthur Aidala join me for a boat ride on The Hudson Rivera. Among other things Dershowitz talks about refusing a request by then President Obama to disinvite ‘that Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera’ to a party Alan was hosting at his Martha’s Vineyard home. Something President Trump would never do. Dershowitz also gives his surprising report card on President Trump’s 100 plus days in office. Shargel and Aidala weigh in on The President, and other issues for a spirited debate. And Arthur Aidala get an endorsement by all of us to serve as the next U.S. Attorney for the eastern district of the United States.

May 5, 2017

Geraldo talks about the history and significance of the Cinco de Mayo celebration and how in some communities the holiday was over shadowed due to concern authorities might use the occasion to target undocumented Mexicans. In South Philly the ‘Carnival de Puebla’, was cancelled because organizers feared ICE raids. Geraldo compliments the President’s Art of the Deal success in pushing through the Obamacare repeal bill, but wishes these winning tactics could be used for more positive accomplishments.